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Hangers need to be flat and vertical to sprockets

Rear hanger alignment

A lot is expected of your rear derailleur. You want it to be a precise, instantshifting piece of kit even under pressure in a dirty environment. You need to be able to rely on it in all conditions and that’s why it pays to nurture your poor toiling derailleur. ...

Shimano Shadow derailleur

Servicing the rear derailleur

The rear derailleur does all the shifting work and dangles down close to the ground getting caught on twigs and picking up debris. It’s also the part that your bike lands on first if you crash on your right-hand side or drop the bike. If you have time to think when you’re crashing, drop the bike on the left – it’s far cheaper! ...

Fitting a new rear derailleur - Step 2

Fitting a new rear derailleur

There are many reasons you might want or need to change your rear derailleur. First of all, it might have snapped in a crash. Alternatively, it might simply have worn out from hundreds of gear changes. ...