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Turned-and-stitched finish (2)

How to do a Turned and Stitched Seam Finish

A turned-and-stitched seam finish is a way to finish seams or edges by turning under the raw edges and edgestitching them for a clean, flat finish. It may also be called an edgestitched seam finish. ...

Serged seam finish pressed to one side

How to sew a Serged Seam Finish with The Seam Pressed Open

A serged or overlocked seam finish is an all-in-one seam finish that cuts, sews and finishes the edge. This seam finish requires a separate machine called a serger or overlocker. These machines use three or four spools of thread. One or two of these spools are threaded through needles sewing straight rows of stitching, and two loop over the cut edge to finish it off. As the serger sews, it cuts off the edge of the fabric, and threads interlock around the cut edge to stop it from unraveling. ...