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Facing inside Robson Coat

How to Sew A Facing

A facing is a layer of fabric sewn on the inside of garment openings, such as armholes, necklines or waistlines. Facings can be cut from the garment fabric or a different fabric. Unless they are topstitched or edgestitched, facings are invisible from the right side of the garment. Facings finish the edge of the opening and add structure and support. They are usually interfaced for strength but don’t have to be. Sometimes facings can be drafted as extensions to the pattern piece, if the edge is s...

Boned bodice (Simplicity 4931)

How to Sew Boning Into A Bodice

Boning is a narrow strip of plastic or metal sewn into seams or casings used to build structure and support into garments. It’s called boning because years ago bones were used in place of plastic or metal. It’s most commonly sold by the yard as hard plastic in a soft feltlike fabric casing or as thin flat plastic boning that you can sew through without a fabric casing. Metal boning is harder to find and may have to be ordered from specialty websites. Metal boning, also called spiral-steel boning...