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How to sew on a flat button (3)

How to Sew on A Flat Button

Buttons form half of a two-part closure consisting of a button and buttonhole or button and button loop. The button slips through the buttonhole or loop, and since the button has to be turned to get through the buttonhole, the closure keeps the garment closed. Buttons have two or four holes in the middle for sewing the button to the garment. Buttons may have a shank, a small loop underneath the button, for sewing it to the garment. This raises the button, making it a good choice for buttoning t...

Button loop detail

How to sew Button Loops

Button loops are loops used to secure buttons, instead of buttonholes. These loops are often made of fabric but can also be made with purchased trim, cording or even elastic. Button loops can be sewn as individual loops, spaced along the opening, or continuous loops, with no space in between. ...