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Block Party Skirt A

Block Party Skirt

Dividing your patterns into panels is simple to do and allows for creative color blocking or manipulating stripes in various directions, as was done with this skirt. Use this method to create geometric patterns, or use curved panels for a more organic looking skirt. ...

Great Scot Skirt

A knife-pleated skirt hangs straight off the hips, and has a pencil shape when stationary. However once you move, the pleats flare at the hem to allow for a comfortable (and a totally cute) silhouette. These knife pleats are pressed in one direction and are very similar to the tucks featured in the Quick Draw Skirt. However, unlike tucks, they are not stitched down the entire length of the skirt. ...

Twiggy Skirt A

Twiggy Skirt

A front-button front skirt design is a great way to showcase your favorite buttons. This project will teach you how to extend the pattern to accommodate any button size. The skirt shown is made of sports-weight cotton twill, but it would also look great dressed up in a fancier fabric like tweed or washed silk. ...