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How to sew a narrow hem (1)

How to Sew A Narrow Hem

A narrow hem is a thin hem that’s turned twice and stitched in place. Also referred to as a rolled hem, it’s subtle and small, hardly noticeable on the garment. Narrow hems don’t add weight to the hemline, making them suitable for sheer and lightweight garments. They’re tidy, neat and professional and look good on both the right and wrong sides of the fabric. ...

How to sew a hem (1)

How to Sew A Hem

Hemming is a method of finishing the raw edges of garments. Hems are sewn on the lower edges of skirts and trousers, blouses and sleeves, or on parts of a garment like ruffles, flounces and pocket edges. The raw edge is turned to the inside of the garment and sewn in place. You can either sew the hem by hand or by machine. Machine-stitched hems will be visible unless you use a special blind hem stitch. Hand-stitched hems will be nearly invisible. ...