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How to padstitch (7)

How to Padstitch

Padstitching is permanent hand stitching that is used to secure interfacing to the fabric and to give shape to pieces. When padstitching, you have two layers of fabric—the garment fabric and the hair canvas. Normally when you apply interfacing, you fuse or baste it to the fabric piece flat. With hair canvas and padstitching, the piece is curved or rolled into shape and padstitches are sewn through both layers to keep them in shape. It’s a way of turning flat pieces of fabric into permanently sha...

How to catchstitch (2)

How to Catchstitch

A catchstitch is a hand stitch that’s most frequently used for hemming or catchstitching facings to underlining. It’s a lightweight, fairly fast hemming stitch with a little bit of stretch. This type of stitch is nearly invisible on the right side of your garment and will look like a series of little Xs on the inside of the hem. It’s called “catchstitch” because you’re “catching” just a thread or two of the fabric as you sew. ...

How to Applique Pieces of Fabric by Hand and Machine

Appliqué is a technique featuring pieces of fabric stitched on top of the main fabric as decoration. Appliqué can be sewn to a garment by hand or machine. Instead of cut pieces of fabric, you can buy premade appliqués to attach to your garment. ...