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Whipstitch to close zipper tape

How to Sew A Whipstitch

A whipstitch is a quick hand stitch that is used to “whip” two edges together. This stitch is visible, so it’s usually done on the inside of the garment or other places where it will not show from the right side. ...

How to Sew Tucks (1)

How to Sew Tucks

Tucks are stitched folds of fabric used as decorative details or to hold fullness in place. Tucks can be narrow or wide, sewn in groups or as a single tuck. Pintucks are tiny tucks sewn in fabric that create a little ridge on the surface of the fabric. Tucks are more stable when sewn on the lengthwise grain of the fabric but can also be sewn on the crosswise grain or on the bias. ...


How to Slipstitch

A slipstitch is a nearly invisible hand stitch, often used when there’s a folded edge to sew invisibly in place. You’ll see this stitch used for hemming as well. ...

How to Set in A Sleeve (2)

How to Set in A Sleeve

A set-in sleeve is a type of sleeve that is set into the armhole, rather than being cut as part of the bodice. The bodice is sewn so the armhole is a round opening, the sleeve is sewn as a tube and then the sleeve is set into the armhole. (That’s where the term set-in sleeves comes from, they are set in.) Set-in sleeves can be one-piece sleeves or two-piece sleeves. The sleeve pattern piece has a rounded curve at the top (called the sleeve cap) and narrows at the bottom. With set-in sleeves, the...