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How to Staystitch A neckline (1)

How to Staystitch A neckline

Staystitching is permanent machine stitching that is used to keep curved edges, such as armholes and necklines, from stretching out as you work with the pieces. ...

How to Sew Princess Seams (2)

How to Change Darts Into Princess Seams

Princess seams are vertical seams used for shaping a garment. Princess seams start at either the shoulder or the armhole and extend across the bustline to the waistline. Tapering in at the narrow parts and out at the wider parts, the seam follows the curves of the body. If the garment extends below the waist, the princess seam can go all the way to the hemline. Princess seams are used instead of darts, as they’re easier to fit and adjust than darted garments. They’re simple to sew and very flatt...

How to sew a french tack (6)

How to Sew A French Tack

A French tack is a thread chain that connects layers of fabric together loosely, usually at the hemline of a garment. The tack is made of regular sewing thread that’s hand crocheted to form the chain and attached between the garment and its lining. ...