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Selvedges of different fabrics

Tips and Note Selvedge with dots for matching Colors

Selvedge, or selvage, refers to the edges of fabric that run along the lengthwise grain. Both spellings are correct. Selv-edge makes it easy to remember that the word refers to the edge of the fabric. On woven fabric, the selvedge is tightly woven and does not stretch. You may see tiny, evenly spaced holes running along the selvedge; this is from the machinery that stretches and finishes the fabric. ...

How to sew a fly (5)

How to Sew A Fly

A fly closure is a type of placket with an overlapping opening and either a button or zipper closure, usually at the center front of a garment. Fly closures can be cut as an extension of the front or as separate pieces sewn to the opening. An extension inside the fly opening protects your skin from the zipper teeth. This type of closure is strong and sturdy, so it works well on pants and jeans. On the outside of the garment, a topstitching line outlines the fly closure. ...

Bias pockets on a straight-grain garment, Archer Shirt (Grainline Studio)

Tips for Sewing on The Bias

Bias refers to the bias direction or the diagonal grain of the fabric. Just as the grain line runs parallel to the selvedge, the bias runs at a 45° angle to the straight of grain. Sewing bias-cut garments is challenging, but practice will help you become familiar with the behavior of the bias and how to work with it. Fabric cut on the bias has stretch and more drape. Try pulling on your fabric along the length and then across the width. Unless it has spandex, it won’t stretch very much. Now pull...