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Ruffle Duffle 1

Ruffle Duffle

Ruffle Duffle is the perfect overnight or sports bag; highly practical while at the same time being completely cute and girlie. It would make an ideal gift for any special women in your life, from the sporty teen to the jet-setting businesswoman. Or why not make one for a boy? Simply leave out the ruffle and choose some of his favourite masculine prints. ...

Mobile Mummy Changing Bag 1

Mobile Mummy Changing Bag

When there are little ones in your life, it seems as if you need to carry everything! This smart changing bag with its cute cherry print detail is ideal for fitting in all those baby necessities. There are internal and external pockets for all the little essentials, such as soothers, rattles and snacks, plus a matching machine-washable changing mat to make change times a breeze. The generous strap can be adjusted to fit either over your shoulder or the pram. ...

Godet detail

How to Sew A Godet

A godet, pronounced go-DAY, is a triangular insert at the edge of a garment. Godets are used to add volume to a garment at the hemline. On narrow garments, for example a slim skirt, godets are added to allow movement. On already wide garments, godets are added as decorative elements, as a place to insert other fabrics or to add even more volume. Godets can be small triangles or as big as quarter or half circles! ...

Cambie Skirt with positive ease

How to Work with Ease

Ease is extra room built into a pattern. There are two types of ease: wearing ease and design ease. Wearing ease refers to ease needed for movement. Your clothing needs to be larger than you are so you can lift your arms and sit. It may be tempting to choose the size with little to no ease, but that will be uncomfortable and the seams may tear over time. On the other hand, too much ease will result in clothing that is too large for you. Design ease refers to extra ease added by the designe...