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Shortening Zips 4

Shortening Zips

I like to always use a longer zip than needed when making bags so that I can shorten them, discarding the messy end pieces. This gives a neat, flat finish to the ends of your zips – it is important to secure the ends when doing this. ...

sewing supply case 1

Sewing Supply Case

This supply case is a great way to stay organized at home or while crafting on the fly. I love this because it folds up neatly for storage or travel, but when I want to work from my home studio, I can hang it up on my pretty hook and get to sewing. Now all my sewing tools are in one space. ...

Godet detail

How to Sew A Godet

A godet, pronounced go-DAY, is a triangular insert at the edge of a garment. Godets are used to add volume to a garment at the hemline. On narrow garments, for example a slim skirt, godets are added to allow movement. On already wide garments, godets are added as decorative elements, as a place to insert other fabrics or to add even more volume. Godets can be small triangles or as big as quarter or half circles! ...