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Suspension measuring total travel - Step 2

Suspension: measuring total travel

Travel is the total distance your suspension unit can move, from fully extended to fully compressed. More travel means that your shock unit can absorb larger shocks, stretching out the short, sharp impacts so that you can maintain control over your bike. Longer travel allows people to do stuff on bikes that would never have been possible five years ago – jumping off things and onto things, in ways that would previously have resulted in broken bikes and broken bones. ...

Cleaning and lubricating the stanchions - Photo 1

Cleaning and lubricating the stanchions

Wipers are the black rubber rings at the top of the lower legs into which the stanchions disappear. Your forks bob up and down constantly as you ride, and on a muddy day your stanchions will be constantly bombarded with grit. If this grit can work its way down into your seals, it will get dragged up and down by the action of the forks, scouring long vertical grooves in the stanchions, which will allow dirt into your fork and oil out of it. ...

Setting your sag for the best possible results - Step 2

Setting your sag for the best possible results

Use the steps below to measure your sag, and adjust the preload to give you the recommended sag. Remember that this is just a starting point though – you may want to fine-tune the preload for your riding style. ...

how suspension parts fit together

How suspension parts fit together

Fork designers keep us all on our toes by changing the locations of damping and preload-adjusters from year to year and model to model. Here’s a couple of examples, but refer to your owner’s manual to find which knob does what on your forks. Sometimes, generous designers label the knobs on the forks for you – this makes life a lot easier! ...

front suspension

Front suspension

Fork servicing isn’t magic. It isn’t even difficult, but it does need care and patience. It often needs very specific parts, which usually have to be ordered – there must be at least a million different spare suspension part numbers out there now. Don’t assume you’ll get spares for older forks. Some companies stock a longer back catalogue than others, but if your forks are more than about three years old, you’re on sketchy ground. That counts from when they were first made, so if you picked them...