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Threaded headsets - servicing - Step 1

Threaded headsets: servicing

Headsets will thank you for regular servicing. Pick up the bike by the handlebar, and twist it – the bar should move freely, with no crunching noises. ...

Threaded headsets - adjusting bearings - Step 1

Threaded headsets: adjusting bearings

You need two spanners to adjust the bearings. The most common size, for 11/8-inch headsets, is 36 mm. Tou may also come across 1-inch headsets, which need a 32 mm spanner, and even the rare 11/2-inch headsets, which need a 40 mm spanner. The adjustable nut is quite narrow, so you will need a special narrow headset spanner. The top nut is wider, so use an adjustable spanner if you only have one headset spanner. ...

Threaded headsets - Step 2

Threaded headsets

The big advantage that the older style threaded headset has over new Aheadsets is that it is very easy to adjust the stem height without replacing any parts. ...

Headsets - Step 1


Your headset is the pair of bearings at the front of your bike that connects the forks to the frame. It’s an ’out of sight, out of mind’ component, frequently ignored in favour of more glamorous upgrades – but it makes a huge difference to your bike. Incorrect headset adjustment and worn bearings both mean uncertain steering. A tight headset makes your steering feel heavy and wear quickly. A loose headset will rock and shudder as you brake, compromising control. ...