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Project Idea Ricrac Apron In-seam trims B

In-seam trims

Decorative trimmings can be added between two layers of fabric and sewn together when making a seam to create an interesting effect on the front. They can be used in garments or in patchwork or pieced fabrics. The fabric can be folded back so the trim protrudes along an edge, or be pressed flat with the insertion standing proud of the fabric as shown in the Basic Method. Material and Design Notes You could even try using broken zips, bias-cut strips or any kind of decorative edging in the ...

How to sew a Hong Kong Seam Finish (4)

How to sew a Hong Kong Seam Finish

A Hong Kong finish is a type of seam finish that uses strips of fabric to enclose the seam allowances. It’s similar to the bound seam finish but is constructed in a different manner. ...