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Half-Up Fishtail A

Half-Up Fishtail

I started this style by curling my hair with a 1-inch curling wand. 1–2). Pull half the hair up into an elastic band. You don’t want to pull all the thickness up, just those very top layers. You can either use a Topsy Tail for this next part or create a hole above the elastic and pull your tail up, over, and through the hole. 3–7). Divide the tail into two sections and begin your Fishtail Braid. You should be familiar with this braid by now but if you need a refresher, head on ...

Triple Braid A

Triple Braid

THE LOOK This easy braid looks so much more complicated than it really is. It’s simply three braids woven together to form a single braid. The extra thickness you get from this style will give your hair a lustrous look. It’s possible to do this braid in your own hair, though it’s easier with some assistance, especially for long hair. DIFFICULTY LEVEL Easy IDEAL HAIR LENGTH Long HAIR EXTENSIONS NEEDED? This style can be achieved in medium-length hair with extensions. ASSIS...


Pretzel Braid

THE LOOK This pretty twist on pigtails is a fun way to wear your hair up. Two pigtail braids twist around each other in a pretzel shape that sits low at the back of your head. This tyle doesn’t have to be precise— the idea is to create a nice curved shape from the braid. The look is cool, modern, and distinctive and complements any outfit. pretzel-braid-a DIFFICULTY LEVEL Medium IDEAL HAIR LENGTH Long HAIR EXTENSIONS NEEDED? No ASSISTANCE NEEDED? Yes, but you can do...