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Emergency wheel repairs “part 2”

If you ride a wheel with a spoke missing and don’t straighten it, you will bend the rim permanently. Yet, as only long-distance riders heading for the Himalayas ever seem to carry spare spokes, there’s a limit to what you can do if one does break. Rear wheel spokes can’t be replaced unless you have the tools to remove and refit the cassette, making an emergency fix unlikely. But you can adjust the surrounding spokes to make the wheel as straight as possible, getting your brakes to work better (i...

Emergency wheel repairs

Emergency wheel repairs “part 1”

Wheels are excellent at resisting forces that are in line with them, like supporting your weight, riding or jumping. However, they buckle easily under forces from the side, the kind of forces that are common when you crash. A common disaster is crashing and folding either wheel so badly it won’t turn between the brake blocks. The temptation is to release the offending brake and carry on riding, but clearly this is a bad idea you’re careful for ten minutes, then you forget you only have one brake...