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Spring-Loaded Wrap Skirt B

Spring-Loaded Wrap Skirt

I love in-seam pockets. They’re invisible from the outside, but they’re always there when you need them to help keep important items close at hand. This waistband features a feminine gathered panel that’s easy to stitch and still packs a stylish punch. And the appliqué is a simple way to add personality to any skirt, or even breathe new life into an old favorite in your closet. ...

Spot On Wrap Skirt 01

Spot On Wrap Skirt

If you don’t like wearing garments that come all the way up to your true waist, don’t worry, lowering a waistline is an easy alteration that can be completed in a snap. Once you drop the waistline, you can add a wide, contoured waistband and a patch pocket. If you’ve ever tried on garments and found a gap between the small of the back and the garment’s waistband, try this contoured technique for a waistband that is custom-cut to fit yourbody and follow your curves. ...